Vaccination in The Age Of Modern Pandemic


Vaccination and Pandemic

The pandemic has taken its toll on us. Experiencing a worldwide phenomenon together with deaths escalating brought about fear, chaos, and thirst for hope. It did not spare anyone child or adult alike. Remote areas and cities too succumbed to this. This resulted in a nationwide lockdown and a decrease in income for the working community. The government had a lot on its plate. The arrival of constant questioning also led to a push in the involvement. Many manufacturers jumped in to hold the reigns and create a vaccine. The information that gave us hope when streaming the news was when the possibility was introduced.

Some of the Wider Know Vaccinations      

Pfizer – BioNTech 

An American company, Pfizer started placement of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for the pandemic towards the 2020 year-end. The vaccine was intended for citizens of 16 years and above. The vaccine has 2 shots dose. The second dose is to be taken after 21 days. The BioNTech vaccine is done via intramuscular injection. The second dose was said to have more side effects. The vaccinated citizens complained of fever, pain, tiredness, and headache as well. The 2021 year will continue to have Pfizer – BioNTech distributed to the European Union. The number of vaccines to be distributed exceeds 100 million. The recipients were advised of the allergic reaction to the contents of the vaccine.

There are more than 40 counties that were the recipient of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination. Many European countries and few Asian countries were included. There were cases of lower frequency of distribution to Europe in January and February. However, there will be an increase in the production for the same by March. Countries like the US, UK, Singapore, and Canada are currently using the Pfizer vaccine. The popularity also might be a result of the WHO approval. 2020 winter saw the beginning of this vaccine’s usage in the UK. The number of vaccinations in Asia is comparatively slow to other nations.


AstraZeneca, a British and Swedish company is situated in England. In the mid of the pandemic year 2020, the vaccines underwent heavy trials. Towards the end of the year, fruitful results were witnessed in the country.   

The vaccine was used in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Middle Eastern areas as well. March of 2021 had cases of side effects with this vaccine. Countries like Latvia and Sweden both decided to temporarily halt their usage of the vaccine. 13 European Union countries have also made the same settlement.

Asian countries have, however, continued to overlook the conditions mentioned in the previous countries. The countries that were using AstraZeneca also believed that the gains surpassed the side effects. Hence, the usage continued. More than millions of AstraZeneca will be produced in 2021 in Asian countries such as South Korea, Thailand, and Japan. Australia is also included in this list. Australia agrees to not halt the usage and therefore, plans to continue the vaccination.

India is also a recipient of AstraZeneca. The AstraZeneca vaccination in India has reached more than 20 million numbers. There were cases of unfavorable development, which also comprised of 71 deceased recipients. However, there were no relations reported for the same. The Indian government is constantly inspecting the said cases.           

Other countries started to use the Sputnik V vaccine from Russia and CoronaVac from China.   

The Vaccines of India


Bharat Biotech came together with the Indian Council of Medical Research, National Institute of Virology to bring about the vaccine. The Bio-Safety Level 3 is responsible for the vaccine’s creation. An interesting point put forward by the creators mentioned the unlikelihood of pathological effects. The immunogenicity in the vaccine is boosted by inhabiting vaccine adjuvants. Similar to the Pfizer-BioNTech, the dose of the vaccine is 2. This has to be carried out with 28 days difference between the first dose.

The mid of the year 2020 paved a clearance for human trials of the vaccine. The studies conducted through all the phases of the trials resulted in a more efficient outcome. Among the volunteers, citizens above 60 years old were observed. The doubts by the experts were put to rest by the manufacturers when they stated that it was safe. The manufacturers have stored over more than 10 million doses of the vaccine.       


COVISHIELD comprises a weakened common cold virus that is derived from chimpanzees. It is not capable of causing any illness. The vaccine works when injected by making the immune system create antibodies to attack the external contamination. The vaccination dose is 2, and the second dose can be provided within 4 to 12 weeks. The vaccine can be stored in a regular refrigerator, which was an advantage in distribution. The results were fairly positive, with 90 percent effectiveness after the half and the full dose combined. The Vaccines COVISHIELD and COVAXIN have been distributed worldwide. The year 2021 has begun and the manufacturers have already made arrangements for further consignments. It delivers over to 190 countries and exceeding 2 billion in quantity. 

The outcome of change through vaccination

By 2021 we were introduced to more vaccines that were approved by the WHO. Countries like, Australia and New Zealand were successful in suppressing the pandemic. After trials and errors, the vaccination resumed worldwide. After experiencing other effects and recipients going through all the phases, vaccinations were nonetheless fruitful. The entire continent is constantly on its feet and in the works. One can expect and put hope for a slow recovery.  


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