2-DG Medicine – A Drug of Relief

COVID-19 Medicine

What is the 2DG Medicine About?

What has taken the internet and the news media by storm is the proposition of a drug. A 2DG Medicine that has a possibility of usage for the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic is introduced by researchers. The 2 DG, 2-deoxy-D-glucose drug’s formulation is to primarily curb COVID -19. This medicine will target the infected users to help them improve and check its efficiency.

Above all, there is the nationwide introduction of vaccination. Vaccination is a means to create immunity and tolerance as well.

However, there is a hindrance to the approach as well. There are issues with supply and demand. As a matter of fact, it might take some time for the medicine to be in the market for people. There is also a process of waiting that the citizens need to endure before completing the final shot. All in all, more applications in medical field research can help curb the pandemic. This 2DG Medicine is one of the ways that can contribute to the treatment.    

Everything Important to Know

When it comes to fulfilling questions, it is important to ask for the right one. Can all patients with Covid-19 take it? Is it suitable for all age groups? These might be some of the questions lingering among the netizens. Well, the good news is, that there is information that might put the worries at ease. When it comes to the drug, it is on a trial period. However, the approval for its launch dictates its rate of productiveness. Patients with Covid-19 infection are the targeted group, for faster recovery. Above all, we can also begin by understanding the drug itself.

What is the 2DG Medicine for?

As we can see numerous cases of Covid-19 in the nation, relying on vaccination might not seem enough. After all, this DRDO 2DG Medicine has come with the hope to change that. This drug has received authorization based on an emergency. The Indian drug regulator has authorized this drug for commencing with the Covid-19 requirement.

How to take medicine

How to Take 2DG Medicine of DRDO?

The medicine is for oral intake. Covid-19 patients can take this anti-viral drug. The patient can take the drug by dissolving the powder in water. The approval has resulted in the commencement of the same. There have been numerous requirements for oxygen during the treatment of Covid-19. As per the trials, this DRDO 2DG medicine lowers the dependency on Oxygen. This can be a positive take. Eventually, the testing of patients with RT-PCR has also resulted in more negative results.  

Who Made this DRDO 2DG Medicine?

How it came about, is also one of the pieces of information that are sparking curiosity. The Ministry of Defence commenced the launch of the drug. This is a drug developed by INMAS, Institute of Nuclear Medicine, and Allied Science in the DRDO. The DRDO is the Defence Research and Development Organization. They are responsible for the development of defense technology including other necessary equipment for the Armed Forces. The DRDO also includes fields that are part of the developmental program. This research organization includes life science, aeronautics, electronics, engineering, etc.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories and DRDO collaborated to formulate 2DG Medicine.


How DRDO 2DG Medicine Works?

What we can know regarding the drug is that it is a glycolysis method drug. Glycolysis is process of breaking down glucose to provide energy. Besides this, the drug has also been tested before, concerning cancer. The proposed drug can stop the supply of glucose to the cells. This in turn stops the growth of the virus. All in all, 2DG Medicine prevents the viral synthesis and the production of energy. As per the reports, this medicine only targets the infected cells. Thus, there is no fear of it destroying healthy cells. Stopping the infected cells is a step to stop the infection itself.

This is progress in the approach for Covid-19 treatment. Patients suffering from moderate and severe Covid-19 infection can opt for the 2-deoxy-D-glucose drug after launch.    

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Economy status of the Nation     

The prices and distribution of the medication are important. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about fundraisers and donation drives to accommodate medical equipment and vaccinations. Citizens operated through social networking and created awareness. This is also a result of fear, desperation, and need of the citizens.

Many of the patients and their families were in dire need of medical equipment including oxygen. It won’t be wrong to say that the pandemic has instilled fear and desperation in families. Taking these factors into account is important when understanding the budget. The demand for the required item becomes high when it is hard to curb the pandemic. Therefore, there can be unavoidable black-market circumstances that can also be tangled in the process.

The purchase of goods without hesitation reveals the state of the citizens. Citizens can also depend on government hospitals to provide treatment. There are initiatives taken by the government that is carried out in both rural and urban areas. Easing the burden of expenditure, the task carried out by the medical team is advantageous.           

The price for the DROD 2DG Medicine Online currently is Rs. 990 for each sachet. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories has fixed the price of 2DG drug. However, there is also a cheaper approach that will be provided by government hospitals. Cutting costs can be a productive approach and useful for the citizens. Besides the approach, Dr. Reddy’s DRDO Medicine also guarantees to be available in large quantities with bulk production. This can be a beneficial step in providing and producing for the citizens. 


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