Tried and tested natural ways to fight depression

How to fight depression
How to fight depression

What makes you worried when you are stuck and feel lost? Of course, that important part of your life- “Happiness”. At times you feel happy and all of sudden, you feel lost in past or thinking about your future. In fact, you may have long sleepless nights. All these ailed problems are the symptoms of depression. And you must know that depression can drain your energy, leaving you feeling fatigued and empty. And being addicted to depression medication can make your situation worse than previous. So, we are here with tried and tested natural ways to fight depression.


What is depression?

How to Fight Depression?

There are a few small steps that you can follow to feel more in control and improve your overall well-being sense. So let’s move ahead.

Keep Yourself Engaged in Doing Something

The first and foremost key to fighting depression is keeping yourself engaged in doing something. Although it is not that simple to stay engaged when there is something that is disturbing your mental health. So, you should start by:

  • Watching Comedy Shows
  • Reading Inspirational Books
  • Watching Inspirational Videos
  • Spending Time With Your Friends/Family
  • Shopping and Traveling
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Don’t Stay Alone

One of the main causes of depression is staying alone. When you have no one to talk to, you get time to think and think more. And this overthinking can take you into past, regrets, and other ailed feelings due to which you get depressed and as a result, spend sleepless nights. Always try to be with your friends, family, or someone else with whom you feel comfortable and enjoy good food. If you want to share something with them then, do so.

Start Writing What You Feel

Well, this is the tried and tested natural way to fight depression. When you are in depression, there might be a chance that you don’t want to spend time with anyone. But you may have lots of things to share. If you aren’t comfortable sharing with someone else, then you should note it down in your diary or a page. Just find a place where you can feel free and comfortable like a terrace, hilly area, waterfall, or any of your favorite places. And start writing whatever you are going through or whatever is making you disturbed. Don’t think about language or handwriting, just write whatever you want. Don’t keep those pages with you, destroy them into pieces and get back to your normal schedule. It will make you feel relaxed.

Listen to Happy and Hip-Hop Songs

Some people listen to music or songs when they feel depressed. It is advisable to never go through sad songs because that may leave you with tears and regrets. Always listen to hip hop, disco, or happy songs because that is the thing that makes you feel happy.

Make Walking Part of Your Routine

Whenever you feel sad, just wear your running/jogging/sports shoes and go for a walk. Walking is an exercise that keeps you away from stress and depression. It keeps you distracted from your thoughts because your organs will start working and leave you tired after a long walk due to which you feel sleepy. And this is what you need, ‘A Deep Sleep’. Just take a glass of water after being relaxed and sleep comfortably.

Keep Your Living Space Organized and Decorated

Messy things leave you in mess. So, it is suggested to keep your bedroom or living area clean and organized. If you know decoration (even a little bit), just decorate your room with colors, teddies, décor items, and others that bring joy and happiness whenever you enter. Lights play a vital role, so always ensure that you have bright and colorful light around you.

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Eat Healthy and Nutritious

The eating habit needs a change if you don’t eat healthily. You should always have healthy and nutritious food and don’t overeat, because overeating will make you feel uneasy and you may fall ill. Eat less but eat healthily. Drink juice, coconut water, and shakes. Add fruits and salads to your diet. A healthy diet boosts your immune system and makes you able to fight depression.

Meditation or Yoga

People commonly think that yoga and meditation are big tasks and they have to take time for it. But they are wrong. You can meditate anywhere and anytime. Just plug in earphones and play “relaxation music”, “calm music”, and “nature’s voice” and close your eyes. Sit in a comfortable posture and feel the music to relax your mind. There’s no need to fix a time and work on it. Whenever you have time, just do it.

Apart from these ways, you should keep yourself connected with nature because nature has an excellent healing power that will help you to fight depression. These tried and tested natural ways really work to fight depression. And it’s not rocket science; these are very simple ways that you can add to your daily schedule.


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