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Important things you need to know about Gas O Fast

Gas O Fast
Gas O Fast

Introduction to Gas O Fast

Heartburn is a debilitating condition when stomach acid backs up in the food pipe (esophagus). If you are thinking about how this occurs, then let us tell you that when you swallow food, a band of muscles (sphincter) at the bottom of the food pipe relaxes to allow food to pass into the stomach and tighten again. Sometimes, those muscles do not work as they should, and the acid flows back into the food pipe causing heartburn.

In the above-mentioned situations, Gas O Fast can help you relieve quickly and eases the symptoms of heartburn. Not only this but its amazing formulation is also helpful in easing other symptoms of gas and acidity including bloating, cramps, and flatulence. The best part about Gas O Fast is that it is an Ayurvedic formulation. Hence, it has no side effects and is suitable for adults of all age groups. In this post, we will have a look at some of the important facts about this amazing antacid formula by Mankind.

Let us start with its brief introduction.

What is Gas O Fast?

Gas O Fast is an antacid that quickly relieves symptoms of acidity, heartburn, and bloating. It is an ayurvedic remedy that targets the source of the problem and neutralizes the acid to provide instant relief. This formulation is effective against several indigestion issues.

How does it help?

Our stomach produces acid naturally to digest food and kill bacteria. The lining of the stomach has a mucoid barrier that keeps acid from harming that lining which may cause ulcers. Now, when there is a problem with the sphincter, a muscular band that prevents acid from coming into the esophagus, the acid escapes (acid reflux) and causes heartburn. Here, Gas O Fast can come to the rescue and neutralizes the acid to provide relief. The bases (alkalis) in this formulation react with the acid and neutralization occurs. The reaction is so quick that you will experience effects within seconds.

The Ingredients

The magical formulation of Gas O Fast contains (Svarjiksara) sodium bicarbonate salt and citric acid (Nimbukamlam Shushkam). Svarjiksara is an ayurvedic form of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), a systemic alkalizing agent, that serves as an antacid to relieve acidity, flatulence, and heartburn. While on the other hand, Nimbukamlam Shushkam is an anhydrous form of citric acid which serves as a pH control agent. By reacting with NaHCO3, it forms carbonic acid (H2CO3) which then converts to water and CO2 to neutralize the stomach.

The Ayurvedic Pinch

Gas O Fast contains ayurvedic forms of alkalis and other ingredients that produce the neuralization effect in the stomach. Besides that, it also has Jeera, Saunf, Pudina, and Ajwain which are centuries-old remedies for acidity, gas, heartburn, and indigestion. This gives a natural taste to this anhydrous formulation and induces several other beneficial effects for digestion and appetite.

What makes Gas O Fast Unique?

One thing that we feel makes Gas O Fast unique is that it does not make you habitual. Besides this, being an Ayurvedic remedy, it also has no side effects. And, apart from the neutralizing effect, it also aids in improving digestion by allowing effective digestion of protein, fats, and carbs in the body. Overall, it is a master formulation for routine digestion and acidity-related problems.

The “Jeera” Factor in Gas O Fast Jeera

Black cumin seeds (Jeera) water aids in improving digestion and maintaining a healthy digestive system. Thymol in jeera stimulates the secretion of the gastric gland. It works by helping in the breakdown of complex proteins, fat, & sugar. Thus, jeera in Gas O Fast produces an enzymatic effect to speed up the process of neutralization and prevent indigestion, heartburn, gas, and other symptoms.

Flavors of Gas O Fast
Flavors of Gas O Fast

The Flavours

All flavors of Gas O Fast remedy are based on herbal formulations and are available in Jeera, Pudina, Saunf, and Ajwain. If you like fruity flavors, then you can get it in Lemon, Guava, and Orange. All flavors work instantly just like Gas O Fast.  

Who can take Gas O Fast?

Anyone between 5-60 years of age can take Gas O Fast. However, if you are already on medication, it is advised to consult the physician before taking it. Similarly, pregnant women must also seek gynecologists’ advice on whether it is safe for them or not.


One can take Gas O Fast can anytime when one feels acidity, gas, heartburn, or indigestion. Only a single dose is recommended at once. Besides this, one must not take more than 3 doses in a day.

How to consume Gas O Fast?

Add Gas O Fast in water and it will get dissolved instantly. Consume immediately while the bubbles are still there in the water.

Fast Action

The formulation starts working as soon as you drink it. Within seconds you will get a burp followed by relief from the symptoms of gas, acidity, indigestion, or heartburn.

No Side Effects

This formulation contains all-natural ingredients and hence, it has no side effects until consumed in the prescribed dosage. It is completely an herbal remedy that works without causing any adverse effects.

How does it help with different kinds of stomach aches?

Gas O Fast contains ingredients of salt of sodium bicarbonate (alkali) and citric acid. The neutralization effect produced by a combination of these can help stomach aches caused because of bloating, cramps, flatulence, diarrhea, and heartburn. This is because it improves digestion as well as bowel movements.

How is it different from other antacids?

Other antacids cause wind (flatulence) when they neutralize acids in the stomach. Sometimes, cramps and constipation may also occur. Now, the doctors prescribe simethicone to stop the foaming effect of antacids that cause flatulence. While on the other hand, this is not the case with this formulation. This formulation works by relieving symptoms without any side effects that are caused by other antacids.

Where can you buy Gas O Fast?

Gas O Fast is available in almost all pharmaceutical stores and groceries. Besides this, you can also buy it online from online pharmacies and Amazon.


Gas O Fast has been rated above 4 out of 5 by its users. And why not? it is such an amazing Ayurvedic formulation that not only acts fast but also has no adverse effects. We must say that when compared to other antacids, it is among the best in relieving indigestion-related symptoms. Besides the action, this formulation is also praised for having great taste.


Great flavor, targeted mode of action, and instant relief; this is how we can define this product. Ayurveda is healing many health problems for centuries and it is formulated using such remedies only. Gas and acidity are common problems that people these days experience. Thanks to a poor and low-fiber diet, spicy food, fast food, and overeating. For these problems, this formulation is like magic that relieves such symptoms within seconds. Whether you are at home, traveling, or somewhere else, Gas O Fast can be your go-to partner. Keep a sachet in your pocket and enjoy different flavors of food all around.



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