How to Get Acute Back Pain Relief?

How to Get Back Pain Relief?

Acute back pain relief can occur by adopting simple remedies, and that can also help keep it from developing into a chronic one. Nowadays, back has become a common issue and it affects the young generation the most. For that, we can blame poor lifestyle. There may also be cases where a previous spine injury is a cause but, we must blame lifestyle the most.

Everyone is so busy in their lives that they even don’t find time for themselves. This is the reason why most people don’t pay attention when they suffer from acute back pain. As a result, acute pain converts into a chronic phase. The best way to prevent chronic back pain is to manage it when it is in the acute phase. In this post, we will talk about some simple tips to improve acute back pain and prevent its worsening.

Preventing Back Pain
Preventing Back Pain

How to Prevent Back Pain?

The best time to manage back pain is when it is in the early stage, as when it advances to a severe form, more complications occur. These tips might help you from making it worse:


When there is pain in the lower back, smartness lies in giving your back some rest. With this, you’ll get good back pain relief. If not, it will keep becoming worse and more difficult to treat later. Besides this, it is also important to avoid doing activities that make the pain worse. You’ll experience back pain relief even with

Tip – Do not stay in the bed for a whole day. This can delay the recovery.

Avoid Sitting at a Place for too Long

We know our jobs are important and with the excuse of back pain, we cannot stay home to take rest for many days. So, what we can do here is to manage our bodies according to the work environment.

Desk jobs demand sitting in a place for hours and that’s what we must avoid. So, what you should do? The answer to this is simple, instead of sitting for hours, stretch your back and legs a bit after every 1-2 hours. Considering this will be really helpful and relieve stress from your back. So, if you have acute back pain, stretching a bit and walking for a minute or two will provide good back pain relief. Plus, the risk of developing chronic back pain will also become low.

Tip – Try using a comfortable chair with good ergonomics. This will help improve pain.

Learn Good Body Mechanics
Learn Good Body Mechanics

Learn Good Body Mechanics

Body posture while doing activities or even during periods of inactivity is important. Even when you are stationary while sitting on a chair, if your body posture is not right, back pain will definitely be in the cards. So, learn how to maintain good body posture while sitting and this will help you in the long run. Here, maintaining the neutral spine position is the key.

Tip – Maintain an upright body position with head straight above the neck, back leaning straight on the backrest with shoulders at the back, and knees at 90 degrees with both feet completely on the ground.

Choose the Right Workstation

The height of the workstation should be comfortable enough that when you are sitting in a perfect position, you don’t have lean forward or backward to work. This can help improve lower back pain by reducing the stress on the spine.

Tip – Make sure that the system is right in front of your eyes on the desk. You don’t have to put your head up or down to work.

Try Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the best form of treatment to relieve painful symptoms caused by musculoskeletal conditions. So, it is important to find an experienced physiotherapist and start targeted physical therapy to get acute back pain relief. Physical therapy involves various exercises, stretching, massage, heat & cold therapies, and the use of stimulation devices to relieve pain.

Tip – If you don’t know how to do exercises in the right way, do them under expert supervision. Doing wrong will only make the condition worse.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Having a high BMI can also be the cause of back pain. This occurs because of the stress that high body weight puts on the lower back. As a result, more wear & tear in the spine occurs while causing severe spinal problems. So, if you are overweight, try losing a few kilos to improve back pain.

Tip – If you are unable to lose even after trying, it’s time to consult a good dietician. A DNA-based diet may help in such cases.

Consult a Doctor

At last, when none of the remedies work in improving acute back pain, it’s time to see a specialist. Sometimes, consistent acute pain is there that doesn’t go away after trying many things. This could be a sign of a more severe problem. In such cases, find an orthopedist near you and take an appointment at the earliest.

Tip – Do tell your doctor about what all you have tried to curb pain but failed. This will help in the better diagnosis of the cause of back pain.


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